Let your sales team gain the momentum with WorkVEU

Why WorkVEU is Best ?

WorkVEU is a comprehensive CRM solution that gives you complete control over your sales process.Built with Human centric approach for smooth & easy adaptability.

Manage Sales From Where It Gets Started

  • Enquiry Management

    WorkVEU CRM manage all your Business Enquiry at one place keep track of them.

  • Enquiry Categorization

    Keep record of Enquiries based on source and states giving you a clearer picture of your marketing investments.

  • Enquiry

    WorkVEU keeps complete track of each qualified Enquiry till you close it.

  • Enquiry
    Conversion Reports

    WorkVEU provides different set of reports to measure the efforts of your Telecallers/pre sales team and there Conversion stats.


Create, Update and follow-up prospects
in a Go !

  • Lead

    WorkVEU manages all your leads/prospects centrally with complete insights into critical information.

  • Supercharge your follow-ups

    Don’t let any follow-ups slip through cracks. Use the power of WorkVEU to follow-up all important contacts and deals one by one.

  • Update

    Record/Update every single event/meeting in WorkVEU and we will maintain your complete sales life-cycle .

  • Create Winning

    Create deals and keep a track on them and record milestones achieved.


Go paperless Go Green

  • Deals Manager

    WorkVEU has a deal feature that lets you manage your deals, keep a track of them , and record the milestones acheived.

  • Quotation Management

    Create quotes for prospects and invoices for existing customers easily and quickly with WorkVEU.

  • Schedule Management

    WorkVEU has a calendar which allows you to manage your schedule ,tasks, and meetings.

  • Third-Party Integration

    WorkVEU can be easily integrated with your existing business website or social media accounts.

Sales Reporting

Advanced Decision Making With Powerful Reporting & Analytical Tools

Sales Forecasting

WorkVEU generates prediction based models for the future using existing data, letting you know the expected revenue to come.

Target & Territory Analysis

WorkVEU let’s you define Target and Territories for your organization maintaining a complete distribution as per hierarchy.

Performance Tracking

WorkVEU gives you insights into the performance of teams and individuals based on different metrics.

Advanced AI & BI Tools

WorkVEU delivers exceptional reporting and analysis of your complete sales with advanced business intelligence tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having query and doubts regarding our CRM software, here are some FAQs that help you to clear out your doubts!

Is it worth investing in WorkVEU for my business?

Right from reduced sales cycle to lower enquiry management costs, WorkVEU is definitely worth investing. However, the ROI i will differ from one business to another.

A famous proverb -'Appearances can be deceptive'. Even though WorkVEU is power-packed with numerous features, it is reasonably priced.

Yes, employees working in your organization who are located at remote locations can easily access WorkVEU software provided they have an active internet connection.

With WorkVEU, you get complete peace of mind. it has all the latest security features. you don't have to worry about compromising on the confidentiality of data and information.

The time required to set up the WorkVEU CRM system depends on the amount of data you have. On an average, the installation process takes less than 24 hours.

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